Amalia Rodriques

A corner of Portugal in Goa

A walk away from the Arabian Sea, driving down the glittering
Baga Road, you come to sudden quiet, dimly lit area, where an inconspicuous signbord reads Casa Portuguesa

Francisco Sousa

Winding trouth the jungle at the entrance, you are welcomned by the sound of the Fado, white wished walls, colonial furniture, dim lights eminated from the antique lamps and the man himself,an attorney who moonlights as a chef and is the creator of he calls:"Um mundo à parte" , meaning "A world apart" .

Bar Amalia

The interiors of this early 18th century mud walled house encompasses the enchanting Bar "Amalia" (named after the renowned Portuguese Fado Singer Amalia Rodrigues), a dreamy verandah and serene dining halls, all bedecked with antiques that will make you feel in an ambiance of the days gone by.

Cozinha Tradicional Portuguesa

The cuisine is Portuguese and also encompasses traditional Goan delicacies such as the exotic "Xacuti" and the irresistible "Prawn curry".The menu is composed and hand written by Francisco and the restaurant staff meticulously reproduce his treasured recipes. A lot of the cooking is done firewood and earthenware and grinding stones are used regularly. These methods give a classics, authentic taste and aroma to the preparations, says Francisco

Francisco Sousa and guests

Of the soups, the "Caldo verde" the famous Portuguese soup and the "Sopa de peixe", a house speciality fish soup, are most in demand.From the variety of mouth watering starters, we could suggest the " Bacalhao a braz" - a Portuguese codfish or the" Chorico de Goa" - the spicy pork sausages that are made in-house using farm pork.

Dinner with grilled fish in the garden

The Main course ranges from a variety of fish and seafood to meats, rice and handmade noodles, from a wide choice of vegetables for the vegetarian to a long list of desserts for those with a sweet tooth.The fish is stewed, baked or grilled the Portuguese way or fried with Recheio
(a mix of chilly, vinegar and other spices), goan style. If you should pick the "Catch of the day" and leave it to the chef, you can't go wrong.

Birthday with fireworks and best wishes from Francisco

From the meat section, you can venture into the Portuguese delicacy of "Carne de pôrco à Alentejana", pork cooked in traditional sauce with clams or the traditional duck preparation "Cabidela de Pato". Mind you, the "Chateaubriand" here is out of this world and if not available the popular "Bife em sangue", the fillet steak cooked to perfection will definitely set you right.

The vegetarians have certainly got a wide choice of distinctly different preparations of soups, starters and main courses from the freshest variety of vegetables available in India.From the list of desserts, we would suggest "Pudim de leite" - the Portuguese milk pudding, "Bolo de chocolate" - a chokolate cake or just a "Banana flambé" along side a  coffee "bica" that here is real fresh.If you are lucky after dinner as you nurse a house port or savour a hot feni, Francisco will pick up his old guitar and give you a touch of the Fado, the lugubrious Portuguese songs of lost love that will definitely touch the inner cords of your heart and if the mood should get him, you would probably end up late in the night or rather in the early hours of the morning at the Casa.You will leave the relaxed and intimate settings of one of India's finest restaurants, Casa Portuguesa, where new faces fast become old friends vowing to return as soon as possible for the food, the ambience and the Fado.